CPF Partners with Get Satisfaction to Launch Support Community for Solar Professionals

Integrated Community Promotes Sharing of Ideas and Enables Instant Problem Solving and Feedback

San Francisco, CA – June 1, 2009 – Clean Power Finance, Inc. (CPF) today announced the creation of an online support community for solar professionals powered by Get Satisfaction. The support community is fully integrated into CPF Tools, the company’s industry-leading software as a service (SaaS) platform, which delivers verified leads, a powerful sales quoting and proposal generation engine, and financing options for commercial and residential solar projects. Get Satisfaction is an open and transparent space where companies can support customers, allow the exchange of ideas, and get feedback about their products and services.

CPF Tools users are now able to create an online profile, quickly submit questions and ideas, and easily search the archive of previous questions and answers – all without leaving CPF Tools. Clean Power Finance subject matter experts actively monitor and participate in the support community, ensuring responsiveness and continuously enhancing the repository of knowledge. Communications are enabled not only between the company and its customers, but also among the customers themselves. This allows users to assist each other with common problems, as well as collaborate on ideas for enhancements and future products and services.

“Clean Power Finance is committed to enabling solar professionals across the country. The creation of our online support community is a valuable part of our strategy to support and stay in contact with our customers,” said Clean Power Finance President and CEO Joseph Brakohiapa. “Get Satisfaction helps us enhance our user experience as well as helping to gather valuable feedback and ideas to further develop and improve our product and services.”

Clean Power Finance already offers superior customer service and support to CPF Tools users through phone and email support, weekly training webinars, and one-on-one training sessions. The new online support community rounds out CPF’s strong commitment to customer support, while also creating an interactive forum for the community of solar professionals across the entire U.S.

“We’re excited to be working with a company like Clean Power Finance,” said Get Satisfaction CTO and co-founder Thor Muller. “Renewable energy professionals are making a big difference in the world, and helping user communities of all kinds work better together is what we’re all about.”

About Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction, Inc. provides an online space where customers and companies can come together for discussion and to answer each other’s questions. Get Satisfaction is a direct connection between people and companies that fosters problem-solving, promotes sharing, and builds up relationships. Get Satisfaction is open, transparent, and free. Tens of thousands of companies use this neutral space to support customers, exchange ideas, and get feedback about their products and services.

For more information, visit www.getsatisfaction.com

About Clean Power Finance

Clean Power Finance is the leading provider of integrated software, services and financing solutions to the solar industry. Based in San Francisco, the company’s mission is to drive the adoption of renewable energy in the mass market. Clean Power Finance delivers an end-to-end solution that supports sales and marketing business processes for integrators, distributors and manufacturers. Since its introduction, the CPF Tools software platform has garnered enthusiastic reviews and currently supports over 30 percent of the solar installer community nationwide.

For more information, visit www.CleanPowerFinance.com