CPF Expands Industry-Leading SaaS Platform to Support Solar Distributors and Manufacturers

San Francisco, CA – March 18, 2010 – Clean Power Finance, Inc. (CPF) today announced the release of CPF Tools Channel Manager, an expansion of the company’s web-based solar quoting platform designed to meet the needs of solar distributors and manufacturers.

Channel Manager allows distributors and manufacturers to instantly pass pricing, equipment, and product information, as well as customer leads, to their solar installer networks. Actions taken in Channel Manager are directly reflected in the appropriate CPF Tools accounts in the installer network. Additionally, the business intelligence features of Channel Manager allow accurate measurement of sales, marketing, and training efforts and help to manage inventory and forecast demand.

“By offering solar distributors and manufacturers the ability to manage their diverse installer networks and instantly provide pricing and equipment information, Channel Manager provides the next step in streamlining the solar sales process,” said Clean Power Finance President and CEO Joseph Brakohiapa. “CPF’s distributor and manufacturer customers will now be able to meet the demands of the market and their installer networks more quickly.”

Channel Manager includes the ability for distributors and manufacturers to brand and customize CPF Tools, providing a seamless experience for installers that highlights specific products and incorporates links to marketing and training resources. In addition, CPF can integrate Channel Manager with CRM and ERP systems and incorporate custom financing products that are modeled and fulfilled directly from in CPF Tools. To find out more about how Channel Manager can differentiate and accelerate your channel strategy, contact CPF today at SalesNow@CleanPowerFinance.com .

About Clean Power Finance

Clean Power Finance is the leading provider of integrated software, services and financing solutions to the solar industry. Based in San Francisco, the company’s mission is to drive the adoption of renewable energy in the mass market. Clean Power Finance delivers an end-to-end solution that supports sales and marketing business processes for integrators, distributors and manufacturers. Since its introduction, the CPF Tools software platform has garnered enthusiastic reviews and currently supports over 30 percent of the solar installer community nationwide.

For more information, visit www.CleanPowerFinance.com.