Conergy selects CPF as financing and software partner

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 25, 2008 – Clean Power Finance has been selected by Conergy – the world’s foremost leader in renewable energy solutions – as its Preferred Financing Partner for residential, off-grid and small commercial systems. In addition, Conergy plans to deliver a co-branded version of Clean Power Finance’s web-based software suite, CPF Tools, to their vast network of solar integrators.

“To be selected by Conergy, a world leader in renewable energy, is a powerful endorsement for Clean Power Finance,” said Joseph Brakohiapa, president and CEO of Clean Power Finance. “Our end-to-end solar sales solution will provide Conergy dealers with productivity tools and financial services to drive customer projects from interest to installation.”

Up until now, solar integrators have relied on the customer to proactively research and secure their own finance solutions from traditional banks that may or may not be versed in the cost and benefits or the underlying value of renewable energy solutions. CPF Tools integrates financing options into the solar quote, resulting in a fundamental shift in the way renewable energy is sold. By delivering an accurate, professional proposal that spotlights a monthly payment and environmental benefits, Clean Power Finance aims to take solar from the domain of the enthusiast to the millions of cost-conscious, green-minded consumers in mainstream America.

“Clean Power Finance is transforming the sales and financing process by delivering accurate solar estimates that present the customer with a predictable monthly payment,” said Anthony Fotopoulos, managing director for Conergy Americas. “It is this type of integrated and practical financing solution that will offer consumers one-stop shopping and make buying solar easier.”

The Conergy co-branded version of CPF Tools will be introduced to installers at ASES Solar 2008 on May 3. A sophisticated web-based software suite, CPF Tools streamlines the sales process as it flows from access to prospective customers to management of job quotes to live updates on financing status. As Conergy’s “Preferred Financing Partner,” Clean Power Finance will deliver this end-to-end solution to Conergy dealers servicing residential and small commercial customers. These solar professionals will join a community of users that already represents over 20 percent of solar installers nationwide.

Working with a network of 150 lenders, Clean Power Finance can deliver financing solutions to both residential and commercial customers across all 50 states. Financing options available include unsecured loans, equity-based financing, and leasing options (bank-owned equipment). In addition, Clean Power Finance is a leader in the innovation of new financing products that will ultimately make solar more affordable and easier to buy for households and businesses alike. By integrating financing into the solar sales quote and proposal, Clean Power Finance can offer the customer a comprehensive picture of solar benefits, including cash flow analysis, internal rate of return, levelized cost of energy, total lifecycle payback, system resale value, and greenhouse gas reduction.

CPF Tools is available to solar integrators, distributors and manufacturers today. Financing tools are free, and customized estimation, quoting, and proposal generation is available for as low as $49.95/month to Conergy dealers nationwide.

About Clean Power Finance

Clean Power Finance is the leading provider of software and financing solutions to the solar industry. Based in San Francisco, the company’s mission is to enable the mass-market adoption of renewable energy by providing an end-to-end software solution that integrates financing into the sales process. Since its introduction early this year, the Clean Power Finance software has garnered enthusiastic reviews from users who represent over 20 percent of the solar installer community nationwide. For more information, visit

About Conergy

Conergy AG is one of the world’s largest companies 100% dedicated to renewable energy with an array of premium manufactured products and over 70,000 solar systems installed worldwide. Listed since 2005 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the group pursues a global growth strategy: it produces, installs and plans solar systems for its customers in more than 20 countries. The Conergy Group is now represented by branch offices on five continents. In the US, Conergy is a manufacturer and distributor of premium quality solar electric, solar thermal, solar water pumping, and wind power solutions to a national network of authorized dealers.